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There are plenty of finance and administrative functions that acquire lots of cost in overheads. Still customers expect it as a feature of the service offered to them.
Accurex can help you out. Our team is well versed in PAYE RTI, Auto-enrolment and the utilization of authority programming like Xero, Payroll Manager, SAGE Payroll, and IRIS among others. We likewise react to HMRC or government sees for your sake; ensure all data is in consistence with RTI, and that you never pay late installment intrigue. Make Accurex your go to Payroll outsourcing company UK .

What we do:

  • Monthly/weekly payroll
  • weekly/ fortnightly/ four-weekly/ monthly/ quarterly/ annual payroll
  • Completion of P11D forms including P11d, P9D, P11D(B) and P46 (car) forms
  • Completion of statutory forms, including year-end returns, to issue to your employees and submit to HMRC.
  • Inputting details as for all employees as well as changes that might occur over the year
  • Including setting up new companies, employees and keeping up-to-date with the changes throughout the year
  • Process timesheet, create reports and submit to HMRC
  • Administration of pension schemes (auto enrollment)
  • RTI compliance and submissions
  • CIS processing

What you do:

  • Necessary payroll data on a weekly/monthly basis
  • Timely data required to process the payroll
  • Other basic information, such as:
  • Checklist for various set-ups including set-up of a company, employees etc.
  • Details regarding changes in the existing set-up like HMRC notice for change in tax code, new starters, leavers, change in address of employees etc