Statutory Accounts Services

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Outsourcing your year-end statutory work will help your supervisors to concentrate on more income generating work. Our team will co-ordinate with you and ensure that we understand your working protocol and deadlines. You simply provide us with the relevant data and let our team at Accurex do the rest. We have in place detailed review protocols so that you receive the best quality work.

What we do:

  • Preparation of working papers including control accounts and lead schedules
  • Analysis of income and expense
  • Reconciliation of all control accounts with statement balances
  • Preparation of extended trial balance
  • Posting workings in accounts productions software
  • Draft accounts in pdf and iXBRL
  • Two-level review of processes
  • Filing of accounts with Companies House and HMRC

What you do:

  • Last year’s working papers
  • Information as per Checklist provided
  • Software backup
  • Current year documents and file